Officials and volunteers


Officials and volunteers are an integral part of our sport in the NT and without them Club events would not continue. We need you!

Becoming an Official can be a rewarding and at times, challenging role. The duties of Officials include Steward, Clerk of Course, Race Secretary, Marshal, Timekeeper, Referee, Starter, Judge, Scrutineer or Measurer.

Levels of Officials

There are currently four levels of Officials accreditation:

Level 0 – Basic Orientation Level
Level 1 – Club Level
Level 2 – Inter Club Level
Level 3 – Open Event/State Title Level
Level 4 – National Championship Level
International (FIM) Accreditation

For more information about Levels of Officials click here

Upon completion of the Level 1 accreditation, you will receive an Officials' Licence which is valid for four years, after which time you will be required to re-sit the assessment to have your licence renewed.

Level 1 Operational Official Course

NT persons interested in becoming a club official can be qualified through an on-line Officials training program sponsored by Motorcycling Western Australia (MWA). 

This is a self-serve program aimed at providing basic information to anyone interested in gaining a Level 1 Officials qualification. 

PLEASE NOTE: Once inside the site there is some information specific to MWA regarding the Officials accreditation process. You are only required to comply with the on-line courses for L1 officials.  You are not bounded by the expressed rules of MWA on the site. If you have any doubts contact MANT.

To action the following steps should be followed to access the on-line training:

1.       Your ENROLMENT KEY  to access the online course is 581632.  You need to record this number to add it to the system when you log in later in the process.

2.       Start by logging into the MWA  e-learn platform: 

3.       Once you have entered the above link you will need to find the New Account button.  Create a NEW ACCOUNT. Follow the prompts to create a new account.

4.       Once a new account is registered you will be emailed to your nominated email address you advised in the new account, a link to take you to the training site.  This is a confirmation link.

5.       Log in through the link and  navigate to the Operational Level 1 course, and enter the enrolment key number  581632.

6.       NOTE – other information on the site MAY NOT be applicable to MANT. 

Contact us for more information.

We encourage our wonderful volunteers to complete this on-line self-serve training package. Once completed the applicant will be issued a L1 Officials license.  


Fulfil your dream to be part of motorcycling sport by becoming a volunteer…..

As a non-for-profit organisation the majority of our roles and responsibilities in motorcycle sport are filled by volunteers.  Without that volunteer support, our sport would not exist.

We have a large group of volunteers, whom assist at race Meetings, whom assist greatly with the smooth flowing racing that we up here are used to.

There too many volunteers to mention here, but you will see them, scoring, waving flags, starting races, track watering, canteen & bar vollies, there are too numerous to mention.

Along with the SCBs, MA and MANT conducts courses in officiating and coaching and has support services to assist volunteer development.

Being a volunteer can be a very fun and rewarding experience, it can be you’re way of being part of motorcycling sport.

To become a volunteer contact us or contact an affiliated club near you.


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